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I’m Peter Page, creator of Feel Happy Days. If you are feeling unhappy, your job is not fulfilling and you don’t know were to start and make everything better in your life, you have come to the right place. I will try my best and give out as much interesting information about the pursuit of happiness through personal development, as i possibly can. I also know that information is important, but without action it is useless. This is why in every post i write, or email, i’ll try to inspire action.

To start off, i want you to understand why i created this blog and what to expect from it.

Why Feel Happy Days

Two years ago, i discovered an incredible topic by watching the movie ‘Happy’, a documentary exploring human happiness through interviews with people from different backgrounds, in 14 different countries, weaving in the newest findings of positive psychology.

Questions started rambling in my head. ‘What is the real purpose in life?’, ‘Does pure, eternal happiness exist?’, ‘How can i develop my personal skills?’, ‘What am i passionate about?’… 

In the beginning i tried to ignore these questions, they scared me, and i had other things to do. But i quickly realised that i was not focusing on the right things in my life and was not happy. I couldn’t see the point of what i was doing, had no long term plans. I just had no clue where i was going and wasn’t working on changing. This has been one of my biggest mistakes. 

I wanted to change that!

So i began gathering information, reading articles, watching documentaries, discussing with professionals and experienced individuals. I took action on aspects of my life, that made me work on my weaknesses, discover parts of me i didn’t know of and have a clearer view of the future. 

It helped a lot, and when i look back, i would have loved to find someone who went through the same issues. We all go through this in some kind of way, only the response changes.

Nowadays we find a lot of blogs, online businesses about how to make tons of money, how to be successful, how to become a leader… but for what? With Feel Happy Days, i want to bring another vision to the personal development industry, which is combining the science of happiness and personal development strategies.

This is also a way for me, to learn a lot about these two interesting topics, that i believe are at the essence of everyone, if they like it or not.  

What Happiness is not

1. Feeling good at all times

Taking the example of drug addicts, are they feeling good all the time? Yes. Are they happy people? No. This feeling is the same (on different levels) when we are excited about something (a new job, a new friend…) and creates all the ups and downs of life. Happiness is the feeling you have after an intense moment and just before the downfall. For more information on this calm, fulfilment, and impenetrable moment, visit: ‘What is Happiness?’

2. Related to money and the fact you can afford anything

This is something that people tend to forget and focus their life objective on success and making a fortune. It is pretty tempting but in the end you are not a happier person if you have anything you want. Take a look at Hollywood stars, celebrities, they aren’t the happiest people on earth! They have almost everything though (fancy cars, big houses…) and still have past depressions, suicides and terrible stories.  

3. A final destination 

If you reach a state of happiness, it doesn’t mean you made it and will stay there until the end. Happiness comes with hard work, focus on the right aspects of life and cannot be sustained by an individual happy event.  

You are Awesome! 

I wanted to finish by thanking you again for investing your time for me. I really appreciate it and will try to make it up to you. Please don’t hesitate, if you have any questions, ways i can make your experience on the website better, topics you are interested in knowing more about, fill in the Contact Form or send me a personal message on our Facebook page

Thank you so much for your support and hope to hear soon from you.

See you around 🙂