Don’t get too comfortable!

Lately i’ve discovered many books and video’s from successful entrepreneurs and outstanding leaders, and the key take away is always a reference to their grit and determination in pushing themselves. This passion to reach out to the unknown, never quit and confront fear, is a common trait of these individuals.   

The easiest thing you could do in life is just be fine with what you already have. ‘Fine’ is a terrible word and people use it over and over again Curious?

Get Inspired with Year of Motivation

Finding fulfilment is a very hot topic nowadays and there is no direct formula or process defining how you are going to get fulfilment, because deep inside nobody knows you better than yourself!

The best way to tackle this challenge is by making your own experiences, observation of life but always keeping in mind the critical question discussed in ‘What do you really want?’

Hearing from other experiences and challenges I think is necessary to shape your own and understand Curious?

What is Happiness?

Hey guys, I wanted to start off this article by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for starting to read my first ever article on the Internet.

Wow, I’m really excited and hope it’s the beginning of a great adventure.

Before moving on with personal development topics, let’s start at the essence of our actions and reactions to events. A couple of years ago I started asking myself the following questions: Should I study? Should I go and Curious?

The Big Question

One of the key points in finding happiness is answering the most important question that a great number of people don’t really think about or are scared to ask themselves. What is It that you like doing? What is it that you really want of life?

Don’t be overwhelmed by this question, it takes time and energy to figure it out and will most certainly change throughout your life. It is not something that you will suddenly overcome in your Curious?

My 6 ways to Happiness

Hi there, i hope you are doing well today. Here is a list of  the different ways i’ve been working on, increasing my state of happiness and awareness. After reading many articles, blogs, watching videos, listing ways to be happier, these are the ones that helped the most.

Remember that informing yourself is important, but is a very small step in making things change. Nothing is more important than taking action. At the end of the articles you can find Curious?